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A number of reasons influence one’s choice of a place to visit after retirement. These reasons vary. According to my opinion most people prefer renting a home probably in an island or beach-side. The thought of watching the sun setting with a warm breeze every evening reminds the retirees of their endeavors in this turbulent world. So what is an ideal place to live after retirement? This question is best answered when so many considerations have been made. These considerations might be limiting in a sense for example a recommendation from a doctor and weather tolerance. An ideal place for retirement must have all the necessary requirements that ensure comfort ability of the retirees’ .I dream of sitting on a couch in front of my rental home by the beach side with my grandson watching the sun setting just as it is described at various websites that offer travel advices to tourists or travelers. If for example you are from the states then from my own opinion you should consider enjoying life after retirement at the famous Asian sites and specifically the Bali Island. Some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, blue waters and nice food are available here.

Rental homes are easily available at almost all famous destinations and you should consider visiting various travel websites because most offer online booking of rental homes. When someone changes his or her locale he/she gets to have that fresh feeling of being young and it’s vital for the retirees. Security should be a major factor in an ideal place to live after retirement. This matter should be adequately addressed by the homeowners. An ideal place to live after retirement remains to be that places that offers the best and comfort ability to the retirees’. For any typical traveler or tourist, the question of accommodation is clearly inevitable. Well one has to choose between renting a home and booking a hotel room and in so doing, so many factors come into play and must be weighed accordingly. Renting a home while in a vacation is probably a good idea even though it has its shortcomings too. This article intends to unearth the pros and cons of renting a home when in a vacation. It will appear more of a comparison. Let’s take a look at pros and merits of renting a home in vacation first then the cons.

The first reason that makes home renting more appealing is space, as in you together with your family are well accommodated without stress or strain. The second reason is the local appeal. If you own amidst the local it makes you feel one with them and secure. Thirdly, home renting is more cost effective than hotel room booking. This is a reliable fact and players in this field all attest to this. Tourists who value their privacy that much should also opt for home renting because it gives one that privacy. As a traveler you may not be comfortable with the food variety at your destination country and so owning a home gives you an opportunity to prepare your own meals. Renting homes online has also been made easy .Security determines the worth of the trip taken and so being in a gated and well fenced homes guarantee your safety. It is obvious the pros outweigh the cons but for fairness I will highlight a few cons; spa services, gym services and room services might be missing in rented homes.

Factors Contribute to Select Place for Travel


So many factors might contribute to someone choosing to study abroad. Those factors notwithstanding, there exist equally many factors that someone who is considering to study abroad must take into consideration in order for him/her to succeed.

The culture of the people of the destination country to which you are going to study in matters a lot. Many people suffer from cultural shock once they arrive in their places of studies. This is a problem that one can easily solve. If for example you get to learn about their culture let’s say before you travel, I think it will help in reducing the shock. Culture involves so many things. It is simple a way of life of the people.

Another area of concern should be diet. You should be able to know the staple food that is common in your country of studies. I once had a friend who went to study in Zambia but little did he know that the caterpillars are a delicacy in that country. Back at home they are the most dreaded insects. So you have to know about the diet of the people with whom you are going to stay with. I think language is rather obvious that you have to learn it to be able to communicate. I have seen a lot of people traveling abroad first and getting to learn the language once in the country. I am in support of this but it depends as some institution may ask you to learn it first before getting admitted. Another contemporary issue in his area is the admissibility of the academic papers acquired abroad in your mother country and I am of the opinion that you should counter check with the relevant authorities to assist you on this. You sure don’t want to come back with a degree that is considered invalid in your country.

Finally, you should check on the security situation of the country to which you are going to study in. Here you should focus more on the internal security like muggers. Information like this is normally available in travel agencies website where they advise tourists on places to avoid. Studying abroad can be a good decision at the same time a wrong one and I have my own reasons for saying this. It could be a good decision because most of the institutions abroad are considered superior and that might have been the main reason as to why you chose to study there. This decision might be wrong when one fails to understand the people and the country at which he is going to undertake the studies in.

There are certain minor factors involve in this decision that require careful consideration in order to ensure you have comfortable studies abroad.

Climate determines the various types of diseases within an area and so you should not forget about it. Studying abroad should be fun and one way through which this can happen is to ensure that you know and understand the culture of your host otherwise you can be sure of culture shock or homesickness.

Travel blogs websites or agencies offer more information about various countries that maybe very useful for someone’s planning to have his studies abroad.

In the end you get to decide if you want to make it enjoyable or not by ignoring these factors.

More resources and study abroad opportunities offers companies like Asia Exchange, which has many study abroad programs for different places in asia, like example you can study in Shanghai or Guangzhou in China, Seoul in Korea or Bali in Indonesia

How to Get in Cox’s Bazaar.


In Bangladesh Cox’s Bazaar is the prime beach and tourist town situated by the side of Bay of Bengal. It is beside Indian Ocean. The most impressive information about it that it is the longest unbroken 120 km golden sand sea beach. The wavy water of it touches the beach throughout this 120 km. There is no better place than Cox’s Bazaar in Bangladesh. For having diversified flora and fauna, different part of the beach named differently like—Sughandha Beach, Laboni Beach etc. The entire beach can be seen by going on motorbike.

How to get

It is 150 km far from the metropolitan city of Chittagong. Anyone can reach here by air or road from the capital city. Flight is available from Dhaka (United Airways, Regent). It takes only a single hour to reach. It costs only BD 6000.00. One can get here by bus that may take 10/12 hours and costs BD 1400-1800 if it is on AC bus namely Greenline, Soudia, Hanif, Tr travels and so on.

Where to go at Cox’s Bazaar-

Here in this district this long sea beach is not a single item to see rather it has place like Himchari, Inani Beach, Maheskhali, Ramu, Sonadia Island, Teknaf and sent-martin. Among them the most impressive is the sent-martin island. It is because it is a bit mysterious. It is 5 km far from the Cox’s Bazaar sea beach. During flood-tide one can reach there by floating transport but during ebb one can just go by foot.

Teknaf (southernmost tip of Bangladesh) is situated on the Naaf river and it is just at the end of the hilly regions of the district. Myanmar is just on the opposite bank of Naaf River.

Ramu is a typical Buddhist village and 16 km from Cox’s Bazaar. There are pagodas, khyangs and monasteries containing images of Buddha in bronze, gold and other metals. Himchari is popular for Broken Hills and waterfalls. It is 32 km from Cox’s Bazaar.

What to do at

You can swim to the sea but not with bikini. Generally people do this with their usual dress. You can drink green coconut ( as it is famous for green coconut) .

Where to stay-

You must get the stay at different hotel or motel. They are not too far from the beach. Here are names and number of certain hotels which you may like or you should go there as they can meet your need and comfort.

Seagull Hotel ( the best one )- Ph: 0341-624-90, checkin-1400 and checkout-1200

Hotel Sea Crown ( Address-Marin Drive, Kolatali new beach, Cox’s Bazaar) phone: +88-0341-647-95. This is a three stars deluxe hotel.

Ocean paradise Hotel ( Address- 28-29 Hotel Motel Zone, Kolatali Road, Cox’s Bazaar) phone: +88-0341-523-70.

–Nilima Resort Hotel is also a good one. Address: Double giraffe point, Sughandha beach, Beach road, Cox’s Bazaar. Ph : +88-01732-075-750.

So get out from home and set for coral island (Saint Martin Island) and Cox’s Bazaar.

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The Future Development of Guangzhou


Due to the important local place and the traditional factors, Guangzhou is an important city for Chinese supplier’s suppliers from the perspective of economy. No issue in the past or latest times, Guangzhou conducted an important part for the whole cost-effective growth. As a worldwide city Guangzhou was suffering from the capitalism in an beginning time. It was occupied by England in the Nanjing Contract which presented disaster to Guangzhou. However, it was also a chance of the cost-effective development of Guangzhou. During the interval, Guangzhou developed capitalism first of all, all types of light areas came out and enhanced. It was the unique history that set a company platform of Guangzhou as a cost-effective center. With modify and beginning plan, the cost-effective place of Guangzhou was improved. The typical GDP of Guangzhou is greater than Chinese suppliers and Shanghai in the latest years.

Besides, the company number of Guangzhou always comes first in our country. Most of the company items are from Guangzhou. Moreover, the well-known Guangzhou cost-effective can be the best evidence that Guangzhou is in an important cost-effective place. And the Guangzhou cost-effective can carry a lot of expert opportunities for itself.

To remain the important cost-effective place, Guangzhou needs to make in stability and stability. First, Guangzhou needs to keep proceed to persist in developing the traditional areas and the center and little entrepreneurs, making these areas as the energy and helps of the cost-effective growth. Second, it is required to concentrate on the stability of reviews and result. Third, it is necessary to adhere to the cost-effective careers. In perspective of this point, the town needs increasing and existing experienced people to promote its cost-effective growth.

Although the important cost-effective place of Guangzhou is no query, there are still a lot of issues. Like most locations in Chinese supplier’s suppliers, the cost-effective structure is not cost-effective, to some level. It is well-known that Guangzhou is well-known for distributing. Most of the organizations in Guangzhou are little personal organizations which can not prevent the outside threat. Besides, these light areas without advanced just make use of the inexpensive labors and incredibly depend on the worldwide market segments. The financial issues has approved that this cost-effective developing style is dangerous. Once the worldwide market split, these little entrepreneurs such as the clothing organizations and toys and activities and activities suppliers will be the primary patients.

Guangzhou university is great place to study in china 2014.

Five Reasons To Study Abroad in Asia


If you are still bewildered with which homeland to fly to make your vocation ahead then read the following blog as it may clarify your some of the concerns and help you to choose the best study overseas country for farther investigations.

Top 5 causes for why studying in Asia is best as contrasted to other destinations.

1. You can afford it!!!

Yes!!! Actually You Can. One of the important things that worry most of us is the high cost of tuition fees of the organization and adversity or unaffordibility in it is smooth fee. The overhead doesn’t request for Institutions in Asia. What’s more unbelievable is because of destinations like China and Thailand the countries Asia has begun evolving famous among scholars for it’s ‘cost productive’ component of revising.

2. Moving out of “Comfort Zone” to know-how something unforgettable.

Are your parents too protective about you and your safety? Yes, all of them are. It is even significant for you as a person to move out of our solace zones and verify them your capability as an individual. Asia is habitually renowned and famous for its solace zones. Scholars and parents habitually favor the place visited with solace zones. People habitually do notify you to get outside of your solace zones. Revising abroad in Asia takes this standard to a whole new grade.

May be you pertains to same countries or approaching from a completely different world, revising in Asia will get you an opening to go in a foreign land, rendezvous some pretty good people locals or study overseas scholars from around the globe, understand about them and share your outlooks and experiences with them.

3. What an inducement, to improve your language abilities!

Are you crazy about discovering distinct languages!!! So none other location on this world other than Asia has kind in dialect. Only a lone homeland India is had 30+ diversifies languages in its heritage.

4. Studying in Asia is a set on the job market!!

Asian nations like Japan, Thailand, Singapore, and China are well developed nations, and they are all ahead in expertise. So getting a job should not be a worry as we get abounding of jobs in Asia including India.

 5. See more of the world for fewer Dollars

Asia is full of diversity and its completely open world for you, its large research location for you, allotments of things are here to learn, Asia is full of annals and beauty. So you can discover the gigantic world here. You have allotments of conclusions to make when it arrives to selecting where to study abroad. One concern that you should be absolutely take in to account while make these decisions is travel. How much of the world do you design to glimpse while you’re overseas? Asian countries are exclusively suited for student journey as they provide access to numerous inexpensive destinations.